« The best way to predict the future is to invent it. »

PETER DRUCKER, American educator, author and management consultant.



The origin of Fifty Bees happy bees?

A wonderful family adventure Jean MICHARD started, in 1993…

Man of all challenges, graduate chartered accountant (nobody’s perfect !), avid wine collector, Jean created his company with one obsession in mind :

supporting entrepreneurs in the development of their projects.


When you create a company and when you then manage it, there is no shortage of challenges :

Secure your activity, build a strategy, develop your skills, create a strong network, hire the right persons at the right time, avoid mistakes, make the right choice, close accounts on-time, imagine the future, etc.


In short, a list of actions and thoughts which no manager would want to start alone…

> Since 1993, the hive has grown…

Delphine MICHARD-GRUNWALD, Jean’s daughter, is now in the driver’s seat.

Her thing is to collect contemporary paintings (improbable sometimes) and chocolate bars.

Our offer and our team have strengthened with experts to support entrepreneurs : we are now close to a hundred people and about ten partners.

We are pleased to provide our clients with a unique, global an tailor-made support : strategic consulting, governance, HR, accounting, finance, law, social management, but also image coaching and consulting – our subsidiary Blue Bees is dedicated to this!

According to the requirements we define together, the ideas we can bring you, we take action from time to time and/or on long term basis.

We provide you with handy and powerful guidance tools for you to peacefully follow your projects, while devoting most of your time…to your core business.

Sébastien BELMONT
Laurent Bourgeot
Bérénice CATRY
Gérald Colas
Tiffany FERRO
Frédéric LABAT
Portrait de Clémence Langlois, associée chez Fifty Bees
Claire Le Meur
Jean-Baptiste Momin
Michel Roy
Benjamin Schlicklin

> In 2012, the hive crossed borders…

We are members of Morison Global, a leading international association of high quality professional services firms in over 75 countries. Thanks to the competent, dynamic and cosmopolitan members of this association, we also accompany entrepreneurs who have settled abroad… or those who aspire to settle there. We meet their cross-border requirements and needs in terms of consulting, accounting, auditing and taxation.

> Eco-friendly Bees

Hives have been making our rooftop their home (actual hives, made of wood, with bees and all !).

Fifty Bees carefully watches over its bees (and produces an excellent honey). Because being an expert, producing a meticulous work, support you every day doesn’t prevent us from being daily conscious of the environment, of the Earth’s vital challenges and to play an active part in it…

> What makes us vibrate?

Fifty Bees is much more than a company, it’s an experience…

Our team

Fifty Bees, as all hives, is well organized

our bees each have their own knowledge and interact efficiently to cover all topics and needs of a company.

Besides being payroll specialists, in charge of accounting, lawyers, auditors, HR specialists, client advisors, experts in strategy, they are above all men and women gathered around one single challenge : support the successful completion of your business project.

> The last bees who joined Fifty Bees:


Nicolas, 40 y.o. , sales rep in the film industry for 15 years,  slalom champion in electric scooter… and payroll administrator.


Julie, 22 y.o. sunny mood master chief, graduate in optics… and accountant, after 2 years of apprenticeship in accounting, spent at Fifty Bees!


Frédérique, 46 Y.o., HRD in the industrial field for 20 years, snowboard instructor… and project Manager.

You’d like to join Fifty Bees team?

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