« Solitary achievement must be replaced by solidary success. »

ALBERT JACQUARDFrench scientist and essayist.

For Good

Bees For Good Association

The Bees For Good association was created to express our group’s vision and ambitions in relation to our customers and employees. In particular, it was our societal ambition to be a local player in a fairer economy that motivated the Bees to create Bees For Good…

The association aims to :

  • Promote all forms of research, particularly cancer research,
  • Carry out all actions, events, sales, raise funds and collect donations to achieve this objective,
  • Support any project or association that focuses on people, their development and integration through business creation and entrepreneurship, training and socio-professional integration,
  • Enable the organization of events designed to promote well-being, culture, personal or family development and team-building, as well as to encourage the enhancement of the environment and our cultural and artistic heritage.

Bees on the move

> We commit to biodiversity… and diversity.

Hives on the rooftop… It makes sense when your name is Fifty Bees, doesn’t it? Besides the nod to our name, these hives settled on our terrace remind us every day the importance of our commitment to environment. Waste reduction and separation, vigilance in energy consumption, encouraging a wider use of paperless processes are all projects in which we are highly involved to reduce our ecological footprint…
All of our bees carry their own differences, their peculiarities. A handicap, sometimes. This is what makes our hive so rich and we are very proud of it.

Fifty Bees is a community of entrepreneurs looking out towards the world of business and innovation :

> Fifty Bees supports the “Ouvre-Boîte” of Apprentis d’Auteuil

As part of the “Ouvre-boîte” of Apprentis d’AuteuilFifty Bees supports the under 30s wishing to start a business adventure:  member of examination board in both selection of projects and approval of pitches, we set up trainings, support the young in the construction of their business plan, follow during two years the key indicators, help them to settle. None of our interventions is paid for. Get involved in this patronage program voluntary members only of Fifty Bees staff : client advisors, accounting assistants, managers.

> Fifty Bees and Entreprendre Network

Our specialists get involved in supporting new entrepreneurs or business buyers within their course in Entreprendre network, sharing our passion for business. As active members of Entreprendre network, we also provide financial support.

> Fifty Bees sponsors ASVEL

What ? Never heard of ASVEL?! Come on…

The professional French basket-ball women’s club Tony Parker acquired in 2017 and which plays in French championship Premier league.

Actually, it is Tony Parker’s (Chairman of the club) and Marie-Sophie Obama’s (Vice Chairman) “global” project, centered around a training, health, sport and business concept, which seduced Fifty Bees.

ASVEL consists in two teams – one male team, one female team, but no competition whatsoever… If this is, obviously, the same sport, you can’t play and manage women and men the same way. Perspectives and goals are consequently different. Just as in the world of business, in fact!

Our areas of work and partnership with ASVEL are multiple : Fifty Bees teams participate in training programs (“be a winner” culture, dealing with failure), working sessions, conferences, business club and also support the ASVEL teams !

En 2023, nous avons renforcé notre partenariat et sommes désormais Partenaire Impulseur de l’ASVEL Féminin.

> Fifty Bees, leading partner of LYONSO Basket

What? You don’t know Lyonso Basket either? LYONSO Basket is the story of 5 basketball clubs (Bale, OFSB, SGOSF, USM and Theo Basket), which have pooled their strengths to assert their ambitions and respond to the sporting and societal challenges they face. With a strong associative DNA, LYONSO Basket is today a real actor committed to the territory of South-West Lyon for :

  • Basketball players
  • Young teenagers of the South-West Lyon area
  • Business leaders
  • Local authorities

Every week, Lyonso welcomes more than 800 people at the Canopée sports center and organizes meetings between company managers, recruiters, job seekers, etc.

In 2021, moreover, Lyonso basketball has entered the 1st division of the championship!

In addition to the sports aspect, Lyonso sets its environment in motion to help people who share its “RRCL” values (Respect – Requirement – Commitment – Loyalty) to progress, grow and succeed.

Lyonso, which develops very beautiful human and sporting values, could only seduce the Bees!

> Fifty Bees, leading partner of Omnis Liber

Omnis Liber is an NGO that was born in 2021, straight out of the fertile mind of Bertrand Larut.

Omnis Liber’s goal is simple: to offer, within 10 years, free access to reading to 420 million children worldwide, in 185 countries (i.e. 20% of the world’s children). To make this ambitious project possible, Omnis Liber has built an ecosystem based on a decentralized digital library and an innovative technology, developed around blockchain, with the creation of the first ethical and humanitarian token: the Liber T. Numerous partners, including Fifty Bees, contribute to the development of this wonderful adventure that brings together authors, publishers, institutions, parents, and experts with multiple skills.