« Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. »

MARK TWAINAmerican writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer.


bandeau d'image Busy Bees de Fifty Bees montrant les collaborateurs dans les bureaux de la société.


> Tell us about your business project, your story, about your values, the future you imagine, your strategy. We love it!

We will build together the relevant milestones to turn this project into the company which carries your DNA.
Your strategy is not quite clear yet ? You have questions ? Doubts?
Good news, let’s put our heads together to think about it !
Let’s review the skills you have and the ones you need.
We will introduce you to relevant experts to help and strengthen your team’s skills.
We will define together a steering committee in charge of implementing your strategy, in accordance with your image.



> No bees… No hives!

Your business project involves an HR strategy and social management.
Payroll, staff administration, recruitment, management, social care…
It’s complex ? You have no time and no HRD ?


(By the way, what about you, as an entrepreneur? Have you got anywhere in terms of social care, for you and your family? Have you clearly assessed the risks ? It might be worth talking about it, don’t you think ?)



> Accounts, figures… This is when you start thinking we’re hitting the boring part.

But are you aware that figures tell stories? Fascinating stories, even, as long as you know how to read them…
Do you know the 20% of clients who enable you to reach the 80% of your profit? What is your break-even point? Can you hire someone ? What is the amount of funding required for your projects? Are you in compliance with your budget ? Is there a gap ? Why ? What is your performance of the month ? How are your driving your economic performance ? Our tools and support will allow you to consolidate, optimize, anticipate and check that your datas actually enable you to reach your goals. An easy and powerful digital interface will give you access in real-time to your economic indicators.

Your strategy is based on an external growth?

Our dedicated support to company take over does it all, i.e. including the funding you may need: we can offer you financing solutions.

You’re considering selling your business? This is a major moment in life, a first and foremost human adventure for which our undertaking experts will guide and assist you in order to determine the value, best conditions and right time for you to sell.


Business & Bees


> Managing a company is not a piece of cake!

You have neither the time, nor the knowledge to control all the strategic functions : finance, HR, law, governance, management.
This is OK ! And this is why we are here for…
We can strengthen the skills of your team with our experts. For each position, we will define together a mission matching the need of your company.
Your AFD, your HRD, your lawyer all are at Fifty Bees!


> Your idea is great and it’s time to start!

Still, there might be two or three things for which you might need help:
concise definition of your project and business model, help with rising funds and research for subsidies, tax credit for research and development (What ? You’ve never heard of this?!). It would be nice to get trained to pitch your project, meet investors, too…

Real estate

> Real-estate developers or rental contractors, estate agents, general contractors, property traders…

You, specialists of real-estate, have specific questions.

You’d like to determine the profitability of an operation, choose the best possible legal structure, define and optimize the applicable tax system according to the type of operation (VAT, stock, income statement).


> Managing an association is a great adventure, full of complexities which are not always easy to anticipate…

Support for your governance, simplified presentation of your accounts, help during the highpoints of your association (general meeting, merger, major investments…) : we can support you for all of this, and even more!

Liberal Professions

> Lawyers, notaries, paramedical professionals, liberal professions… Your days overflow with consultations and appointments.

Your agenda is permanently full!

You’re running out of time and however would like to be able to answer some questions which have been arising for a while.
Our specialists for your business know your professional order, your job and the specificities of your statutory social care.